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Pet Insurance and Wellness Plan


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Protect your furry friends!

Get coverage for your furry family members and stuff, you don't need to do it alone! Our pet insurance has your back at affordable prices and so easy to use!

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Get a quote with Kanguro right on your phone and use the code PALMETTO for a 10% discount

 Kanguro Offers

Customizable Plans

Reimbursement options:

70% / 80% / 90% of the vet bill.

Deductible options:

$200 / $500 / $700 / $1,000

Annual limit options:

$5,000 / $10,000 / $15,000 / $20,000

/ $30,000

Flexible subscription payments:

(monthly / quarterly or annual payments )

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Accidents and Illness insurance for dogs and cats includes these and more:



  • Blood tests

  • Urinalysis

  • X-Rays

  • Lab-work

  • CT scans

  • Ultrasound 

  • Behavioral exam



  • Prescription medications

  • Chronic conditions that may develop

  • Breed-specific hereditary conditions that may develop 

  • Blood disorders

  • Eye disorders

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

  • Respiratory conditions 



  • Prosthetic Limbs, Devices and Mobility Aids

  • End of life - Euthanasia up to $1,000

  • Vet exam fees

  • Surgery and Hospitalization

  • Speciality and ER vets

  • Cancer treatment

  • Dental illness up to $1,000/year





"Palmetto Animal Clinic” assumes no responsibility or liability from any dealings, errors or issues directly with Kanguro Insurance. Kanguro Insurance is offered as information to our

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