Our Team

Palmetto Animal Clinic offers a range of full-service Veterinary Care and has been proudly treating the animals of Hialeah since 2000. Our busy Clinic is staffed by a team of dedicated veterinary professionals who always give the best care for your pet.
We offer a holistic approach to animal wellness that focuses on preventive medicine. By adhering to this philosophy, you can rest assured your beloved companion is in the best hands at Palmetto Animal Clinic.
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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Oliver, DVM

Dr. Oliver has always known the connection people have with their pets at an early age.  He learned this based on his own connection with his beloved dog, Jessica who was his faithful companion.  As Jessica grew older and older, he realized that he was the happiest when he could help her feel better or remedy any aches and pains that came along with age.  During his later years in high school, his passion for helping animals continued to grow as well as being an advocate for them.  This is when he decided he wanted to be a veterinarian and his lifelong dream began.  As a practice owner, he has assembled a team that share a common and unique feeling, the love for animals.  Every pet is treated with love, compassion, and respect.  He is grateful and blessed to have achieved his lifelong dream and is honored by the trust placed in him not only by his patients but also by the people that love them.  He values the long-term relationships that develop with his clients as they work together to ensure the best care possible for their pets.  Dr. Oliver believes that when you do what you love, you have not worked a day in your life.  Dr. Oliver, his wife and two children live with their two rabbits, Tuti and Fruity, their three hens, Onix, Snow and Cloud as well as their dog, Molly.  He enjoys traveling, cooking and BBQ with friends and family.


Dr. Vasallo, DVM

Dr. Vasallo is of the firm opinion that every growing child should experience that special bond developed with a pet.  There is a special connection that arises between the two.  This bond is most likely what propelled his adventure and love in the veterinary field.  Dr. Vasallo feels that veterinary medicine is simply put, awesome!  After so many years in the profession, he is still learning and improving his ability to help animals.  He is a strong believer that there is always room for improving and an advocate for continued education.  Although the veterinary career exceeds the boundaries of household animals, Dr. Vasallo holds a profound love for cats and dogs.  He holds a particular interest in Emergency Care and Internal Medicine.  The best part of his profession is that it allows him to make a difference in the life of the animals.  Whether it’s preventative health care to keep the animal healthy, help bring a new life into the world, or helping an old friend to cross the rainbow with peace and dignity, he gets to make a difference every single day.  As the Medical Director for the clinic, he is very mindful that all pets receive the best possible care and treatment available.  Dr. Vasallo, his wife and two sons share their home with their two dogs, Paco and Pancho.  He enjoys traveling abroad with his family and tasting new cuisine from each country.